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(If you want to learn even a little of what you are reading here, our apprenticeship program starts Jan. 15th. Last call for registration!)


Folks email me all the time saying they get tired reading the list of things we do. Well, you might want to grab yourself a cup o’ tea and kick your feet up ‘cuz this is going to be a long one because I’m going to give a summary of 2010!

All in all, it was a good year in many aspects. We accomplished some of our goals and completely failed on others. Okay, failed is pretty harsh. We just didn’t get everything we wanted to get done done. I am sure we got more accomplished than the average bear since both Brian and I are ‘Type A’ Capricorns.

Our apprenticeship program filled up and we had 3 teens all year!

We had a successful Fish Camp here in conjunction with Wolf Camp.

We took a few camping trips as well as went to our favorite seasonal gathering.

The things we didn’t get done were due to a matter of lack of weather, money, time or energy. The early part of Spring was very wet.

When we went on a camping trip, the chickens got out and scratch up much of our garden beds. I replanted and got things under control, so I thought, and one of the kids didn’t latch the gate so the chickens rearranged everything again. It is amazing what they can do with my tidy little rows in an hour! Of course, they left the forest garden alone since it would’ve taken more effort to walk over there.

We lost part of our duck flock, we think to neighbor dogs, so we are down to just three. Our son was heartbroken when he found his pet duck “Blackfoot” dead in the field.

We sold lots and lots of eggs all Spring and Summer. That was a nice supplement to the family budget.

We also sold a few goat kids too. We got a lot of milk and enjoyed the cheese.

Brians workshop was built and we will finish it in the Spring.

Our cabin was transformed in to a classroom and manufacturing facility for our SongCroft Naturals Personal Care product line. (The ingredients are so safe I can use them on my babies!)

We grew a good garden that is still providing us with fresh vegetables. We had tomatoes until early December and ground cherries too!

I “put up” lots of canned meat, fruit and vegetables, pickles, kim chi, as well as dried fruits, herbs and vegetables too.

I caught two bee swarms and hived them.

We put in the forest garden in April and it’s looking good.

We are one year closer to harvesting asparagas!

So, to the coming year. What are our goals? Well this is what I have settled on:

  1. Finish Brian’s shop!
  2. Enjoy our apprentices
  3. Launch SongCroft Naturals our all natural Personal Care Products and have a Farmers Market booth.
  4. Grow a bountiful garden that is well and truly chicken proofed!!!
  5. Have more of the family’s help with harvesting more often so our production stays up and our waste in minimal.
  6. Preserve more foods and herbs than last year.
  7. Learn to smoke different meats.
  8. Clear the spot behind the cabin so I can plant new beds. I haven’t decided what to plant there yet though.
  9. Plant an evergreen edible hedge on top of a berm to create privacy as well as more perennial food.
  10. Plant an evergreen privacy screen near the road.
  11. Make more soap than last year. We ran out and I got too busy to make more.
  12. Plant more trees for firewood.
  13. Which reminds me, reinforce the goats browse area.
  14. Fix all of the little jobs like greenhouse door handle, hinges on the compost bins, etc…
  15. Re-design the lower part of our land.
  16. Build new hay storage.
  17. Build a new rabbitry.
  18. Expand the summer chicken yard from 16×30 to something like 30×30.
  19. Host Farm Camp.
  20. Host Illumina Girls Camp.
  21. Host Fish Camp.
  22. Camp more, play more
  23. Sing more.
  24. Dance more.
  25. Breathe more consciously.

I hope you enjoyed reading our summary of 2010 and being witness to us setting goals for 2011. Somehow it makes it a little more of a commitment if others know that the goals are set. (Maybe I should mention the 10 pounds?)

Oh, and if you come by for a visit, feel free to roll your sleeve up!

Thanks for reading. Your comments are welcome. Please do share our blog with others that you think might be interested. Happy New Year!

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