High 45 degrees    Low 32   Bright and clear day but chilly. The sun is tempting us in to spring.


I just finished the Spring Self-Sufficiency Skills Newsletter. It went out to subscribers today. It is always fun to write about different  Self-Sufficiency topics as I tend to write about things that are seasonal and often are what we are working on on our land. Some of the topics this quarter are Medicinal Bee Gardens, Starting a Nursery and Local vs Organic Foods. I enjoy writing on topics that might inspire folks to try their hand at new things.

This Spring I plan to redesign part of our land for the bees. We already have lots of medicinal plants here but I would like to add some aesthetics near the hives.  Our bees will be making more medicinal honey for our family and I would like to make the area more pleasing to visit.

If you ar interested in the subject listed in the table of contents, you can subscribe to the newsletter for just $10 a year. The funds currently goes towards volunteer work we do. Thanks much! http://songcroft.com/the-songcroft-self-sufficiency-newsletter/



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