Songcroft Permaculture Garden Design

Rough-out of a garden

Rough-out of a garden

Specializing in beautiful edible gardens.
Certified Permaculture Designer and Master Gardener.

Songcroft Garden Design specializes in helping our clients experience the gardens they’ve always wanted while integrating environmentally responsible methods.

As our Chief Gardener, Marilene Richardson uses her experience from working in the garden, on the farm and by listening to the needs of others, to design the garden of your dreams. Marilene is an expert at integrating edibles into a beautiful landscape so that you might enjoy the utmost in local foods in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

A working permaculture garden

A working permaculture garden

Our Services Include

We will come to your site and answer your questions while giving you ideas to help you achieve your garden goals.

We can design everything from container gardens for small living spaces or commercial settings to urban yards and large rural properties. Creative designs can include colorful flower beds, vegetable gardens (large or small), fruit trees, rock beds and walls as well as entertainment areas, wildlife habitats and entrances that make you glad that you gave us a call! No two projects are the same. We don’t believe in “one design fits all”. We provide individual service.

Permaculture is a set of techniques and principles for designing sustainable environments filled with beautiful plants that have many uses including culinary and medicinal as well as habitat for wildlife.

We design irrigation systems to make watering your garden and conserving water an easy fit.

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