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I’m not even going to put the date on this entry since I am embarrassed how long it took me to get around to writing. You see, it’s spring and although it has been the wettest April in Washington’s history, there are still a lot of spring shores to be done!

  • Have planted a thicket hedge of prinsepia to help keep the neighbor dogs from coming over.
  • Planted a variety of willows in blue, red, green and yellow along the creek.
  • Trimmed back the rugosa, raspberries, woody herbs and several other plants
  • Mucked the goat shed, cleaned the stall mats in them and sanitized all of the feeders and water buckets.
  • Made a new perch for the chickens.
  • Bred the rabbits.
  • Got help re-doing parts of the goats sacrifice area as well as their browsing areas.
  • Brian added on to the chickens poly-carb covered roof on their summer home (okay, they are a bit spoiled).
  • Deconstructed some keyhole beds so I can reconfigure parts of the garden and add vertical growing space as well as an outdoor room.
  • Fed the bees (It’s been so cold that they rarely go out and things are blooming late)
  • Harvested lots of greens.
  • The kids and I planted lots of carrots, radishes, lettuce, bok choy, peas, leeks, cilantro, potatoes, onions, and flowers in the garden beds.
  • Planted a ton of seeds in trays that are now overcrowding the greenhouse (snow and hail in April!)
  • Made compost tea and applied it to a test garden. (Amazing difference!)
  • Taught two soils science class and composting class.
  • Planted a berm with edible berries and trees with my apprentices.
  • Planted a perry pear, cider apple and medlar tree.
  • Planted forage plants including Nanking cherries around the summer chicken house.
  • Did all the mom things like helping both kids enter project in a science fair and droving kids to and from swim classes.
  • Did the homestead stuff like baking bread and making cheese.
  • And so the list goes on…

Soon I will be at the Snohomish Farmers Market every Thursday.

You might be asking yourself how I find time and energy to do all of these things. It is really more simple than one might think. I don’t have to go to the grocery very often and I don’t watch TV. I eat a healthy diet that includes very little processed foods and I have a positive attitude, even in this rainy season.

Attitude is everything!

See you at the Snohomish Farmers Market!

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