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So today I was at the farmers market selling my SongCroft Naturals personal care products when a woman came up to me out of the blue. I had never seen or spoken to her before but she knew exactly who I was.

She asked if I was still offering our SongCroft Self-Sufficiency Skills course. I replied that we are taking registrations for the 2013 course now and that we often fill up.

She then told me that she plans to take the course and that it is her dream to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. She was super enthusiastic about food preservation and cheesemaking as well as other topics that one might expect to experience in such a course. We had a nice conversation and I knew right away that she would have fun taking the course and I would have fun teaching her.

After she left I had to admit to myself, I do live a dream life. I have a healthy and happy family. We are able to grow a fair amount of our food and preserve it. We raise the eggs and dairy for our family. I have a great community and a home we built ourselves. We live on a beautiful piece of earth with a forest, stream and gardens. We have an amazing group of interns living with us and feel blessed by their help. I formulate manufacture and sell personal care products that I am proud of and that actually are good for our health and once people try them, they love them!

This might not be everyone’s dream life but it is darned near close to mine. I feel blessed and never take things for granted.

What is your dream life?

Now if I could just eliminate all debt…

This brings you to the lyrics page of one of my favorite folks singers. You might like to check her out. She singing about a dream life here.


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