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SongCroft School 2014 Class Offerings

Greetings to you and welcome to our class offering list. We are doing things a little differently this year and invite you to participate. Instead of teaching classes on our farm, we are coming to you and your group of friends, community group or organization. You bring the group together, provide the space and if the dates work, we will teach the class of your choice.Keep in mind certain classes require a kitchen or the time of year that the plants are up if you want a live deomonstration or hands-on experience. We can also teach many classes with Powerpoint presentations but a projector must be on site and provided by the host. Below you will see a list of some of our most popular class offerings, the average length of the class and the cost per person. Some classes will have a maximum. Class minimums must be met. Email us for details.


Wild Edible Plants                                                             2 hours                          Minimum 10     $40

Foraging for your food is fun and opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Learn how to identify wild foods in your backyard or neighborhood. We will have a slide presentation and go on a plant walk. You will receive handouts as well as recipes for later use as well as a list of resources.




Practical Permaculture Techniques             3 hours                  Minimum 10    $35

Have you heard about permaculture but aren’t sure how to implement it into your life? Come to SongCroft where you will not only see a slideshow of permaculture techniques but you will be able to tour real life examples. This class is meant to inspire and spark your motivation to create these projects for yourself.


Permaculture Homesteading 101: How One Balances Modern ­day Life with Self­Sufficient Living

                                                                            1 hour                        Minimum 10  $20

Come see how one family stepped away from suburban living to start over on rural land. Learn day‐to‐day life tips on living off‐grid while building a home, growing your own food, raising livestock and homeschooling children. Points of interest will include building choices, permaculture design methods and a video presentation of their journey.


Year-round Gardening / Winter Gardening     

                             2 hours                   Minimum 6   $40

Yes, it’s true, winter gardening starts in the summer. We will help you plan what to grow during the fall and winter months, help you start seed and show you examples of how to stretch the seasons. This is an important class if you want to grow food year-round!





Medicinal Bee Herb Gardens                 1 hour                        Minimum 10  $20

Bees are essential to our planet’s well-being and their presence on your land will greatly increase your crop yields. Learn how to grow a garden that is not only beautiful and helpful to you but is helpful to bees too.


Pressure Canning      

         3 hours        Minimum 8 -Max. 12  $65

Have you always wanted to learn to pressure can but have been afraid of exploding canners? Are you worried whether or not you can produce a safe product? We will be canning meat as well as a vegetables so you can see how it’s done. Marilene learned much of this in her youth but has also completed a Master Food Preservation Course as well as the University of Georgia’s Food Preservation Course. She has taught food preservation for over a decade for community groups and farmers markets.



Herbal Medicine 101                                     3 hours                  Minimum 10  $40

Do you want to know more about herbal medicine so you can stock your own home apothecary? Do you need someone to help you get started? Marilene designed this class so that you will leave with your own materia medica, be able to identify and use herbs and start down the path to taking charge of your basic healthcare. Materials included.

Herbal Medicine 102                                                   3 hours                       Minimum 10   $40

Did you take Herbal Medicine 101 but want to deepen your knowledge? Do you want to expand your materia medica and learn more about how to create your own remedies? You will create tinctures, lozenges and more. Materials are included.

Herbal Medicine Cabinet                             2 hours                       Minimum 10    $40

Ready to replace some of the store-bought items in your medicine cabinet? Want to learn about things you can use right from your kitchen, garden or have on hand when needed? Clinical Herbalist, Marilene Richardson, will share some of the herbal knowledge she uses with her own family.


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