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Last night was had a meeting of our permaculture group in Snohomish. We were meeting on a regular basis, every two weeks, but things had got busy during the growing season so things were on hold.

Fourteen people showed up  at Grilla Bites Restaurant. http://www.grillabites.com/html/locations/snohomish.htm. I would like to spend just a moment talking about Grilla Bites. Owner, Annie Dottai is seriously committed to sustainable living and she practices that by not only participating in a CSA program for her restaurant but also by being a community drop-site for the CSA Farm. She buys as much as she can locally, uses only compostable to-go containers, only sells healthy food and drink and provides meeting space to local community groups. If we were to rate a business by the number of items they were able check off a list of sustainable/green practices, Grilla Bites would have clearly rate among the top.

Back to the gathering, in a short time were able to  established that we are a group of skilled cultural creatives. Teachers, computer specialists, Reiki Masters, Herbalists, Beekeepers, Forest Stewards, Travel Experts, Professional Tour and Event Organizers, a 501(c) 3 and it’s founder, Horticulturists, Propagations Specialists, Seed Savers, Activists, a Natural Clothing company owner, Several other Business Owners, Farmers, Parents, Community Organizers, Master Gardeners, Community Activists, Networkers and lovers of Earth.

In our short meetings we were able to flush out a vision which includes:




Sharing The Abundance

Work Parties

Tool Axchange


Planting for the Future

We will be meeting next month to see where this takes us. I am hoping to get right in to some action projects and not spend too much time on “mulling things over”.

On a completely unrelated topic, this Saturday Decemebr 4th, we will be in Seattle unleashing our Blissfully Natural product line. We have a complete line of natural skin care herbal products. We grow some ingredients, wildcraft others and purchase some from ethichal companies. Many of our ingredients are organic and all are natural. We leave the sythetic ingredients out and only include ingredients that are deeply nourishing or otherwise beneficial. We hope you can come by and see us if you are in the area. We will have fun gifts for men and women to enjoy!

Our Blissfully Natural website will be up soon.

Ho do you like the new labels?

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