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Brian giving apprentices a tour

Brian giving apprentices a tour

It’s a beautiful day here on SongCroft. The January sun is bright against the blue sky. It is a sky of optimism after a great start to the 2010 Self-Sufficiency Apprenticeship program.

This past weekend we had a group of excited people here to learn more about how to live more self-sufficiently. We talked about how local dependence and community  are a large part of the equation. The weekends all have themes. We spent one day this weekend going over sustainable housing options. We toured SongCroft and explained the methods and reasoning behind the way we built our home. Cob, strawbale, structural insulated panels, passive solar designs, radiant floor heating, solar arrays and plenty more were included. We showed a slide show of projects we have worked on and places we have visited. Within the month, our apprentices will have garden plans ready for fine tuning and will be returning with lists of what they want to grow.

We are blessed to have an interesting mix of people with a variety of experiences, including three yoga instructors and two teens in our course. This means break times begin with stretches and moments of connection. Does it get better than that?

I cannot express enough how deeply fortunate we feel to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with others. We are also thankful to be on this journey and to have recognized it when it called.

Apprentices touring the land

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