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It’s August and the farm is lush in shades of green and blossoms of every color. As I sit on the patio, my outdoor office, it is raining. This rain comes with a great sigh of relief from the land as it has averaged 80 degrees for the few months and even reached 100 at one point. This is a very unusual summer in Western Washington. The rains and grey afternoon is a more familiar scene but the intense sun and dry weather was quite a welcomed change.

The chamomile and calendula had been harvested three times and still insists on providing even more beautiful blossoms rich in medicinal resins. We have made fresh tincture and oils to use in our SongCroft Naturals products. Also up now are plantain, oregon grape, mullein, elecampane, mint, valerian, borage, echinacea and many more medicinal plants that all hold value in our gardens.

The fruit trees and berries are abundant with figs, apples, medlar, goumi berries, blueberries and just yesterday I noticed that our new mulberry has little fruits forming. This is no small thing since blueberries, mulberries and figs are huge on my list of favorite foods. As a result of the abundance of fruit, we have put up some wine and preserves for the winter months to cozy in front of the fire with.

We are harvesting kale, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, beets, ground cherries, peppers, potatoes and a whole lot more for our daily meals.

The goats are cooing to each other over the fence as it is coming upon breeding time. They are separated from each other so although their hormones call, the does and buck can only make eyes and send sounds of interest.  The goat kids left last week with two of our wonderful interns. With the goat kids gone, I am milking twice a day and getting about 3/4 of a gallon. This is great as I have two growing teens that are enjoying drinking healthy raw goat milk. Blessed? I think so.

The chickens are laying nicely. They took a break when the weather suddenly spiked to the triple digits but are back to laying happily. I think they are enjoying the rain. I notice more scratching happening as the worms come closer to the surface of the soil.

The ducks are ecstatic with the flow of the creek building after two nights of rain storms. They are yammering on in their aviary as they preen, swim and waddle about. These are the ducks that were hatched out by the turkey hen after the weasel got their mama. They are healthy and happy.

The turkey hen has returned to her flock. We have 12 turkey hens and one tom. Our tom is a beautiful boy with a bright red and blue waddle dangling against his white feathers. He  makes a good case for the turkey being the national bird.

Our bunnies are mowing our little patch of lawn and leaving behind little pellets of fertilizer. They love being able to eat fresh grass and clover as they are moved along in the “bunny tractor”. Our lawn is a polyculture of mixed plants that make for a nutritional smorgousboard for rabbits.

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The rhythm is a calm and methodical hum on SongCroft as we orchestrate the flow of chores and energy. The garlic is up as are the beets, peas, oats, lettuce, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli cabbages and fava beans. We planted on a hugelkulture today and planted an edible hedge with aronia, rugosa, Chinese haw, quince, Cornus mas and service berry. Ranunculus was removed and lilacs were placed in their place. There are many more where they came from.

Tomorrow we will transplant lots of tomato, pepper, tomatillo and ground cherries in to large pots and move the leeks out in the the garden beds.  More seeds will be planted in all of the nooks and crannies.

The goats have been browsing and are fat on greens. We have new kids and have been busy helping everyone get settled in. The chickens are laying and we are getting lots of eggs. The ducks are on the creek in their aviary and enjoying the water.

Interns Tereza and Aaron have returned to join us for the summer. They fit right back in as if they were never away. We are enjoying them immensley and the kids are playing night glow-in-the-dark frisbee with them as I type.

Life is good and the beat goes on…



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